Monday, July 16, 2007

hehehe.. kocak sih Jomblo

Nah kalo pilm2 indo kalo gini sih gua don't mind nontonnya... =) Good job!

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

80 sweet 80...

I broke it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shot 79 today!!!
I was even par until the 7th.. then the darkest cloud moved in quick.. and poured on the 8th hole. Teed off nicely drawing my drive quite far ... . Then while waiting for budi to hit his approach shot, I can see the green was rained on heavily... "there goes my solid chance of breaking 80".. i thought. Shot it right off the green, getting ready for the eagle chip, and maybe.. birdied the hole. The rain came down heavy.. so we all went back to the clubhouse. Herb, CV, and the rest of the guys took a raincheck and left. Budi, Henry and I hung back and ate some good fries while watching Kerr win the LPGA open.

We decided to continue on.. and so we did. Teeing off on 8th, hoping that I can get back on my rhytim and maybe .. shot in the 70s (not only to break 80, .. heheh.. i was getting greedy). Shot triple bogey on 11th.. focus.. gotta focus.. bogeyed 12 and told myself, this is not front 9s rhytim. Double-bogeyed again on the 14th and bogeyed 15th. I was getting frustrated a bit. Double on 17th brings me and Budi tied up. It was the defining 18th hole for the last hole playoff. Hit a pretty good drive and whack my 7 iron to the middle of the green, quite a bit left to the hole tucked at the back of the green. Maybe a 20 footer? Budi chipped his off with a 5 iron and went a little long. Picked a line and commited. Stroked it good and just stared at the ball rolling uphill.. decent speed, right line, 2 tiny double-breaker and in it goesssss.... !!! Shot 79. Not bad considering 2 years ago today, I just started playing this game.

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