Tuesday, September 12, 2006

ok, I'm lame...

Went to the American Idol concert at Grand Prairie last week Sept 7th.Wanted to sell those tickets on eBay... but the tickets being sold were below face value.. even for the ones with better seats. So we ended up going.
It wasn't great .. coz maybe the hype is over. But hey, I get to see Katherine McPheebs and Taylor Hicks.

Right now, my golf game ain't that good. Maybe too much theory going on in my head.. i'm focusing on minor details and not excecuting. My grips don't feel right.. I need to get that right grip.. the right grip for me. My swing plane is too much inside.. so I'm told.. but I don't think that's a bad thing.. just as long as I can control it through impact. Anyways.. I'm gonna practice tommorow if I have the time.

PS. Walter Wright was eliminated on episode 9 against K9. WTH?!??!

Posted at 12:16 AM by cun2
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