Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Lynx H3 Loft

No luck searching all over the web for spec on my H3 iron set. So I decided to visit the closest Golfsmith and have them measure it for me. So before I forget, the lofts for:

3 hybrid - 19*
4 hybrid - 23*
5 hybrid - 27*
Sand Wedge - 54*

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

from now..

All posts on Golf will be here: pin hi gang

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Monday, May 15, 2006

EDS Byron Nelson - Sunday

Yesterday was my first time attending a golf tournament. The day was bright.. but not too hot.. . It was an awesome experience. It's unreal how well kept the course is, not to mention the greens.. it was beautiful. Pretty people everywhere.. huge houses, throphy wifes sitting on balconies of their ridiculously huge mansions.

Get to see a couple of starts swing their clubs.. it was flawless, especially Adam's. Shigeki Maruyama's approach on the 16th wasn't bad either. I was going "Oh no, that's long" in my head... only to realize that I haven't seen too many pro shots that can put a brembo brakes on their balls in a snap. The ball landed nicely within 6 feet at the back of the pin.

We went back @ around 5.. Greg split and the rest of us (piggie, charlie, henry and I) went to Seoul Garden, and went to hit some balls @ UTD after. Finally got a chance to try out the Bionic Gloves I purchased the day before. At first it felt weird.. but after a good hour of hitting balls, the reward was obvious. My left hand didn't hurt one bit! Oh yeah, I learned something new from watching how the pros hit... their grip! Gotta practice it out more.

My new golf heroes: Trevor Immelman, Adam Scott and Charley Hoffman.

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Monday, May 01, 2006

a new addition to the family

TaylorMade Rac TP 60degree lob wedge! Thanks piggie!!! =)

As my 56degree sand now plays around 90-100 yards consistently, I needed a lob wedge to attack the 80-90 yardage. I was looking for a wedge that can deliver the most spin and workability around the green. Titleist Vokey Spin Milled was my initial impulse. After viewing tons of reviews, although the vokey seems to deliver the most spin for an average golfer, most people complains about the groove wearing out quick and chews up balls. I needed a wedge that would last me a while and doesn't damage balls too often.. after all, once I actually know how to make the ball dance around the green, I will be happy with any current top-end wedge out there today.

The feel was great, the look was beautiful and it delivers a crisp contact to chip around the green.

BTW, I shot an 87 today, bringing my handicap down to 14.3.. wohooo..!!!! I hit my goal of 15 handicap by first year of play!

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