Friday, March 31, 2006

Hit an 88 today... not bad =)

The day was beautiful.. the wind died by the third hole. My swing was pretty good, pitching was not a problem, driving was a little shaky, but a whole lot better than last week =) Simon's was pretty weak tough.. hahahahha... just kidding mon =)

Well at least today takes my mind of my jerkwad boss ..

Oh shoot.. gotta go to CompUsa today.. my video card's fan isn't working.. which sucks.. coz I can't play CS Source without it.

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Monday, March 27, 2006

hoeh... mulut half numb

Barusan balik dari dentist.. 4 fillings and crown replacement. Mulut berasa gendut sebelah nih .. gak enak banget.. haaheheh. Mo makan gak napsu, ngokar aja kerasa aneh.. ehhehe.

PS. Work sucks. Actually.. not the work, tapi boss gua bener2 rese.. gak tau deh mo ngapain sekarang. Stick it out aja kali yah.. 2 more long years or so.. ampe gc gua kelar... ini part of working experience anyways... hopefully will shape me up to be a better person.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

the world of fashion design.. tough

You all know how these days is all about reality shows.. and recently I've been watching a pretty intersting show called Project Runway. It's about these select group of fashion designers that compete to be the final 3, to show their collection in a fashion show hoopla.. which the winner will be crowned bla bla bla ....

Creativity and talent is the key in this business. It actually makes me realize how time consuming this could take..and gives me a new found respect for the whole thing. oh.. and bullshiting is also very important in conveying your message about your design.

"Auf Wiedersehen"... cheesy line Heidi

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