Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!!!

It's been quite a trip .. Thank you for everything that you've given me. Let's see what 2006 brings =)

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The best round of golf, yet

Awesome weather today.. 72 degree all afternoon at Plantation. Rony, Charlie and I teed off at 1.24pm while Henry is stuck at work... suckaaaa!! hehhehe...

Quite a bit of wind for the first 6 holes or so but it calmed down quite a bit by the 8th. A couple of lucky drives; 200 yards roll and 6 hops on the water back to the fairway.. hehe.. but overall, I hit pretty decent today. 85 on the scorecard, Rony hit a 90 and Charlie 89 (which was rather surprising since Rony was hitting better than Charlie by quite far I'd say). We barely finished the 18th as it was getting dark by 5.30... yes.. the sundown is early these time of year.. which I've never actually noticed until this year ... =)

Well, my vacation is not until the end of the week.. hopefully I get to hit another round of golf, which I don't think will happen .. but we'll see.

BTW, Merry Christmas guys!

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

hahha.. kocak.

Message: 1. Pak Haji lihat majalah porno. ketika buka halaman pertama, dia
berseru "YA ALLAH". Halaman kedua dia berseru "YA RASUL'.
Halaman terakhir dia berseru "YA HABIS..."

2. Kalo orang bilang kamu judes, sabar aja. Kalo orang bilang kamu
reseh, senyumin aja. Tapi kalo ada orang bilang kamu cakep,
aja tuh orang, karena itu FITNAH!!!

3. IF u need ADVICE, message me. If u need FRIEND, call me. IF u
need HELP, e-mail me. If u need MONEY, nomor yg anda tuju tidak
dihubungi. terima kasih.

4. Seorang nenek yang nyebrang jalan hampir ketabrak motor.
Pengendara motor marah : "Nenek bego! Nyebrang jalan gak liat2!"
Nenek sewot : "Lo yg bego!! Nabrak nenek-
nenek aja gak kena..!!"

5. Hasil survey membuktikan bahwa 99% cewe milih cowo karena punya
wibawa : wii...BAWA mobil sport, wii...BAWA uang banyak,
wii...BAWA handphone 10 jt, wii...BAWA credit card, wi...BAWA body

6. Seorang tukang roti ditabrak metro mini, lalu polisi datang dan
"ada apa Pak??" Si tukang roti yang uda sekarat menjawab,
"ada nanas, keju,coklat, dan mocca.."

7. Saat kau sedih tak satupun yang menyadari kesedihanmu. Saat
tak satupun melihat senyumu. Tapi saat kau kentut, semau menoleh

8. Di neraka Malaikat bertanya pada wanita A&B. Pernah selingkuh??
A:Belum pernah!
M:Kamu dapat kunci sorga emas!
B:Saya sering, asik sih!
M:OK, kamu dapat kunci kamar saya hehehe

9. Suatu malam BRAD PITT ke diskotik. Temen2 ga sabar bujuk
dia supaya ikut goyang.:
"Ayo, goyang dong Brad! Goyang dong Brad!".
Dari situ lah lagu GOYANG DOMBRET tercipta..

10. Selamat! Anda mendapatkan kado dari DIGITAL LG. Pilih kado
ini :
1. DIGI-LAS mobil 2. DIGI-LING truk 3. DIGI-RING polisi
4. DIGI-GIT anjing

11. When i see baby, i remember "TEDDY BEAR DOLL". When i see a little
girl, i remember "BARBIE DOLL". But when i see u, i remember

12. Orang AMERIKA kentut bilang EXCUSE ME. Orang British kentut
PARDON ME. Orang SINGAPORE kentut bilang I'M SORRY. Kalo Orang
Indonesia kentut, pasti bilang NOT ME!! NOT ME!

Thanks Kas! =)

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Monday, December 05, 2005

Another addition to the family =)

On Saturday, piggie got me an early christmas present; an R5 10.5 Draw Type driver with a Regular flex Fujikura Speeder 757 shaft, which is a steal considering the shaft itself is selling for the price I got the driver for. Went straight to the range and start hitting some balls. The sound of contact is fierce, which is part of the reason I wanted the R5. It's perfectly weighted and overall, I'm very comfortable swinging it.

Oh and btw, I've decided to trade in my dfx 2-ball to the White Steel 2-ball putter. Dfx is great and it looks just jaw-dropping.. but it felt too soft for my taste. So far the white steel feels ok, of course, I still can't putt.. .But hey.. I'll get better =)

My last score: 94. I can't blame the wind, not yet. hehehe.

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