Saturday, August 27, 2005

surprise .. surprise... surprise!!!

Yup!.. 3 surprises for me tonight..

What a great Friday night. Just when I was about to leave for golf, there was this nike golf shoes that I've been wanting. Aww... thanks piggie! 1.(piggie called seconds after).

Went to UTD and we warmed up before the 9-hole: Ag, Henry, Simon, Jevin, Charlie. Just when I opened the hood of my bag, a card fell down. It's from piggie =) 2.(piggie called seconds after)

Read the sweet card, and when I was looking for an iron to start hitting some balls, I noticed another addition to the family, an Oddysey 2-ball putter DFX. The one I've been bidding on and never kept up on eBay. Awesomeeee!!! 3.(piggie called seconds after) ........ yeah babyyyy!! 99%!! =)

Went on a treasure hunt in my bag, and found a club set cleaner and an extra pair of glove. The snake eyes glove.. that I think is the best well fitted on me.

piggie came soon after, we were in the third hole, and left with her friends on the fifth. Arief and N'dut came soon after. When we were done with 9th and went back to the driving range, was Budi. The champ in the 17 Aug tournament in Houston. David, Eka, and friends came too. Pretty large group of loud Indos.. hehehe.

Btw.. I hit 11 over par on this 9-hole. Pretty sad, but not bad for a month old player. hehe.

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A cloudy weekend..

The tempo was flowing. Tian's and Yuan's B'day dinner at Tokyo One was great. I was starving.. shashimis tasted allright, as usual. Just about when we were about done, piggie received a msg, John and Steven's dad has passed. The ceremony is on Sunday. The old man was loved. I was a sad sight. Soon after the sad news, I received another, Jevin's 14 month old newphew has passed. He went to sleep and just never woke up... brain dead. WTF right? I was told that the kid was taking an afternoon nap and was taken care by a new nanny who is freaking out as I speak btw. + That Sunday, I wasn't feeling very well and my throat hurts like hell in the morning.

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