Thursday, March 11, 2004

This is really stupid... *sigh*

Lip lock could mean lockup in Indonesia
Public kissing could bring 5 years in jail under new bill

JAKARTA, Indonesia - Couples caught kissing passionately in public in Indonesia could spend five years in jail.

Members of parliament in the world's most populous Muslim country have proposed an anti-pornography bill that includes a ban on kissing on the mouth in public.

"I think there must be some restrictions on such acts because it is against our traditions of decency," said Aisyah Hamid Baidlowi, head of a parliamentary committee drafting the bill.

Heavy kissing could carry a maximum penalty of five years in jail or a 250 million rupiah ($29,000) fine. Anyone caught flashing would face similar penalties.

The bill also proposes bans on public nudity, erotic dances and sex parties, with jail terms ranging from three to 10 years. Watching such a display could lead to two years behind bars.

Indonesians have long followed a moderate version of Islam, although an emphasis on Muslim practices and identification with Islamic traditions have grown stronger in recent years.

Public displays of affection are frowned upon by many, though prostitution is rampant in many parts of the archipelago.


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Monday, March 08, 2004


hmm.. 321Studios made a couple of useful softwares such as dvdXpoint that we can use in the office environment with multiple software version.

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Saturday, March 06, 2004

so... life?

What's the true purpose?

Some people believe, we're just here temporarily, heaven or hell as the final destination. We're to be tested while here on earth, to be judged at the end of the day, to which path we'll walk to eternity. Some people believe we're here out of birth, to the death, ... reincarnation, enjoy life to the fullest, live each life to the max... I don't know. I'm not that smart to figure out what life is. Life is love, love is life? Interesting.

What I believe doesn't matter. Life is life. We all life in this world just because we are able to exist in this chaotic place people call earth. Life on another planet? Why not? I'm not that selfish to think that we're the only species that exist in this entire universe, another planet is just another star to sooth the night? Anyway you look at it, I'd say, just live your life and be whoever you are.

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Friday, March 05, 2004

back in Dallas

Well.. life is definately interesting in NY. Penuh banget tuh yg namanya orang, shops, cabs... kayak di indo deh dikit. Semua orang lebih cuek, and lebih kurang ngajar seh.. hehehe. Jadi kangen neh ama Jakarta.

Hmm... sebelon gua lupa.. catet dulu deh disono ngapa2in aja.

Hari pertama ngapain yeh.. hmm... gak ngapa2in sih.. ketemu ama Denny, temennya Amelia, terus kita orang jalan2 around Hilton, ngeliat2 shops and the great cathedral. Gak tau sih namanya apa.. I'll find out. Terus kita jalan2 lagi ke Union Square abis itu pergi makan yakitori di daerah St. Marks. Not bad.. great chicken skin yakitori. hehehe. Disono ketemuin Mari, Samin, and temen2 si Mari... ada Jeffry and Yuli and 2 orang lagi yg gua gak inget namanya. Abis makan, di anterin Samin balik ke Hotel.. and di "bekalin" dikit. hehehe.

Hari ke 2 ngapain yeh.. hmm... ketemu si Mari di H&M .. terus naek Subway ke Chinatown, makan seafood enak banget disono. Note to self: kalo ke NY bawa cash. It flows a lot easier. Abis makan dari sono, kita orang pergi ke St. Marks lagi, minum2 sake.. and nyomot2 makanan lageh. Damn disini sih abis duit buat makanan ama cabs doang. hehehe. enak seh =)

Hari ke 3 siang2nya pergi ke Central Park. Keren juga sih.. ada taman gitu di tengah2 kota. Bagus lagi.. bukan taman asal2an. hehehe. Malemnya pergi ke Soho.. ngeliat2 barang dikit... abis kaki udah mo copot gitu... masih di ajak shopping... . Abis itu cabut ke Chinatown lagi, makan wonton noodle soup and "BBQ Eel with Peking Sauce". Gila namanya sih keren banget... ternyata cuman Unagi doang 6 pieces for $7. Paittt.

Hari ke 4 ketemuan ama si Mari lagi di daerah St. Marks. Nah sekarang kesononya lebih pagian, jadi shop2 disono masih belon pada tutup. There's a couple of interesting store's there. Toko Jamaican itu mayan lucu sih... tapi mahal2 juga barangnya. Abis itu kita jalan2 di Union Square, took a couple of mpegs. Abis itu jalan kaki pulang ke Hotel.. cuman 3 blocks away.. sembari ngurangin lemak.. ehahehae.

Hari terakhir dah males banget deh conference... gak gitu interesting2 lagian panelsnya. Jadi abis jam 11'an gitu udah cabut jalan2. Kita cabut ke tempat "Soup Nazi" yg ada di episode Seinfield. Emang kurang ngajar sih orangnya. Orang2 yg pada kesono pas udah pengen pesen pada tegang gitu... takut di marahin ama si Nazi. haehahehae.
Ehhh.. pas udah kelar ngantri gitu (the line was quite long btw), udah pesen, eh duit kurang, gua tanya si Amelia ada duit gak, pas Amelia lagi ngambil duit, ehhh.... si Nazi goblok langsung bilang: "You!!.. go back!!" wah... tai abiez. Kita disuruh ngantri ulang!!! hahahahahha. Si Amelia ampe ngoceh2 gitu.. langsung cabut. Gua cengangas cengenges aja cabut. hahahaha...
Abis itu kita orang pergi ke Metropolitan Meuseum. Interesting juga sih barang2nya. Banyak original paintings by Monet, Manet, Renoir, Van Gogh... mantep2 sih.
Dari sono kita sempet2in deh pergi ke Zara, pengennya sih jalan2 ke Central Park lagi.. cuman gak ada waktu.
Abis itu udah deh.. balik ke hotel lagi, get our luggages, cabut ke airport. Bye2 NY.

Oh well.. ngerjain tugas dulu deh... numpuk gini. Entaran di sambung.. with more details.

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