Thursday, February 26, 2004

Duh kampungan dehh...

.. enak banget sih emang wireless. It's all about comfort and the feeling of being mobile.. not attached to some table.. hmmm

.. beginning of a revolution I'd say. Right at this very moment, everything is being discovered. Chips are getting faster and faster by the day.. technology is blooming .. everything is cheaper and better. Wow.. America's really powerful I'd say. 3-11?? That's just a catalyst, to unleash the beast in this powerful beast.

Udah bisa gua bayangin deh.. home entertainment is gonna change, computer's taking over!!! Exciting era!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2004


hmmm... I'd say life's treating me pretty good right about now. Hari minggu ini bakalan cabut ke NY, for Search Engine Watch conference in NY, meeting up with Mari ama Samin.. and in about 4 days or so.. I'm finally getting my laptop. Asik juga sih udah liat specnya barusan.. 1.6gig pentium M, 1gig of ram, 60gig HD. asik asikkk... wireless card juga built in. Yummy. Hmm... bakalan ada extra wireless network card dong.. hmm.. tapi gak apa lah.. =)

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